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Enhancing life at home with WiFi Motion

Cognitive Systems is focused on refining WiFi Motion for its core uses in home monitoring, wellness monitoring and smart home automation, with much more to come as we explore its capabilities.

Home Monitoring

Imagine discreet motion detection inside your home with unprecedented accuracy—even through walls and in the dark. WiFi Motion makes it possible, affordable and easy.

By layering WiFi Motion software into routers and gateways, the existing wireless network in any smart home becomes a robust motion detection system. Set up is simple, software updates are automatic, and no additional hardware is required.

WiFi Motion doesn’t use cameras, so you can enjoy full home coverage with complete privacy. Use it to monitor expected and unexpected motion for peace of mind at home, or to monitor your rental or AirBnB property, and protect your investment.

Advantages over traditional sensors

  • Full home coverage through walls and darkness
  • Discreet detection without cameras
  • High accuracy, reduced false alerts
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Affordable and user-friendly

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Wellness Monitoring

Caregivers want to know their loved ones are safe. Seniors and people with special needs want to maintain their independence at home with dignity. Enter WiFi Motion—the solution that uses wireless signals to detect motion without using cameras or infringing on privacy.

With WiFi Motion, caregivers can monitor motion, visits from health care professionals, and unusual behaviour such as staying in bed longer than normal. Motion is monitored unobtrusively without the need for wearable devices. It’s a much more affordable and convenient alternative to assisted living facilities and other security and health monitoring tools.

Wellness monitoring features

  • Unusual activity alerts
  • Sleep pattern tracking
  • Preventative health data

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Smart Home

Experience a truly cognitive home with enhanced capabilities thanks to WiFi Motion. Using predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), WiFi Motion learns movement patterns and triggers smart home functions accordingly.

Enjoy the convenience of coming home to the temperature and lighting in your home set just the way you like it. WiFi Motion can trigger your smart home system to take specific actions based on movements, like adjusting the thermostat when you walk through the front door, or turning other smart devices on or off based on your preferences.

Smart home automation with WiFi Motion

  • Automatically adjust lighting
  • Turn WiFi-enabled appliances on/off by simply entering a room
  • Adjust HVAC systems based on present occupants

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Simple scalability, endless possibilities

WiFi Motion is scalable technology, which means new applications can be easily added with a simple over-the-air (OTA) software update. For example, you can add WiFi Motion wellness monitoring to your smart home network in addition to its home monitoring functions without installing additional hardware or devices. As more applications are discovered, the smart home experience will continue to evolve in exciting new ways, all powered by the groundbreaking technology of WiFi Motion.