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Aura WiFi Motion™ Applications

Use Cases for WiFi Motion

Enable a deeper understanding of what happens inside the home by integrating Aura WiFi Motion stack into smart home and IoT devices

Home Monitoring

Adding Aura WiFi Motion™ stack to IoT devices, enables consumers to monitor their home and get notified when motion occurs, which comes in handy for anyone who wants to know what’s happening while not at home: when kids arrive home from school and when home services such as dog walkers and cleaners come and go.

Home Automation

Adding Aura WiFi Motion stack is the first step in allowing whole home automations to occur. Motion can be leveraged to trigger other smart home IoT devices to take action, making them smarter. Additionally, by combining machine learning and predictive analytics with WiFi Motion, the smart home understands the motion, reacts and anticipates what’s next: lights turn off when not needed and on when someone enters a room and thermostats are optimized when no one is home.

Remote Monitoring

Adding Aura WiFi Motion can benefit users in places they aren’t able to physically be all the time but need to keep tabs. Now, the consumers have the ability to monitor elderly parents or grandparents without invading their privacy and get notified when movement has not occurred as expected. Remote monitoring can also be used for rental properties to know when guests and short-term renters come and go.

Home Analytics

Adding Aura WiFi Motion to connected devices will allow more understanding of customers’ motion patterns to optimize the living space more efficiently.

Aura WiFi Motion
Makes "Connected" devices "Smart"

Aura WiFi Motion, plus sensor fusion, allows smart home devices to make more intelligent decisions and provides end users with improved controls for a seamless smart home experience

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