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Test and Validation Specialist

Location: Waterloo

At Cognitive Systems, our data scientists and engineers work efficiently and quickly to develop smarter and more reliable solutions to enhance the experience with our products and solutions. We apply a mix of methodologies to achieve our goals, including information visualization, statistics, field experiments and machine learning, and actively employ the latest research from scientific and academic communities.

About You

You will thrive working with a first-class team to develop next generation technologies that will change how the world perceives and uses WiFi. You are open minded and can look at traditional technology from a completely new angle. You enjoy working with complex hardware-software systems, and understand the crucial role of quality.

What You'll Do

  • Provision hardware, understand and track the components that go into our software, execute sign-off tests, develop and execute additional tests that extend our QA plan, document and track test and validation results, handle alpha and beta testing.
  • Implement the verification and validation plans according to the overall V&V processes
  • Develop performance/WiFi tests to simulate customer use-cases under a variety of test conditions - DUT positions, different traffic/interference cases
  • Execute manual V&V test plans, based upon practical use cases/test suites, with some focus on exploratory testing
  • Document test results and track defects
  • Communicate solid evidence-based results to stakeholders

What You'll Need

  • A technical background (college diploma, university degree, or equivalent) with one to five years of experience working with embedded software, hardware-software, or similar electronic systems.
  • A passion for the topic: a desire to learn and supplement what you do not know, a desire to test the boundaries of a system, a desire to be a crucial part of a quality engineering team.
  • Strong communication skills are vital for success
  • Good knowledge of software QA methodologies, tools and processes
  • Solid understanding of standard QA practices such as bug reporting and verification, smoke tests, regressions tests, feature and performance tests
  • High-level understanding of wireless/WiFi topology
  • Experience in writing clear, concise and comprehensive test cases

Bonus Points For

  • Software quality assurance background or training; quality engineering background or training; software development skills

Why Cognitive Systems

We are always on the look-out for bright, highly motivated and energetic A-players to join our team. We encourage an open and agile environment where creative thinking leads to ground-breaking achievements and innovations. We promote a healthy work-life balance in a flexible work setting. We offer competitive salaries, an excellent extended health care benefits plan, 4 weeks of paid vacation annually, and we even provide a free catered lunch daily! Most importantly, we are committed to creating the best, most innovative and impactful technology that people will love.

About Us

Founded in 2014, Cognitive Systems Corp., set out on a mission to transform the way the world interacts with and uses wireless signals. Determined to use radio frequency (RF) technology to build a new way to interpret wireless signals, the co-founders drew upon their expertise in silicon design, RF, and cryptography. As a result, WiFi Motion™ was born.

Through partnerships with chipset manufacturers, such as Qualcomm, Quantenna and Cypress, Cognitive Systems is licensing our WiFi Motion Stack for use in mesh routers, voice assistants and IoT devices, enabling these devices to see and interpret motion, provide contextual awareness and user behaviour insights into the home.

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