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The Solution

The Solution

Provide a home monitoring solution that connects people with their homes without using cameras. The system allows home owners to monitor activity from anywhere using their smartphone. If unwanted activity is detected, an alert can be sent to the user, a central monitoring station, or both.

Simple Solutions Create Happy Customers

Decrease False Alarms

Reduce operating costs with a highly-reliable and adaptable system that minimizes false alarms through revolutionary motion-detection technology.

Increase Installations

Install more systems in a day. Cognitive Set Up is a fast and easy process that has the home monitoring system online and ready to use in about 20 minutes.

Drive More Revenue

Increase recurring monthly revenue by deploying a home monitoring system that can add features and services remotely, without a visit by a technician.

How it Works

With Cognitive’s patented technology, the hub and sensors combine to monitor the disruption of wireless waves in a home. Together, they create 3D elliptical zones, building a network of coverage throughout the house. Adding more sensors to the system increases the resolution and coverage area.


Remote Arm and Disarm
Precise Motion Detection
Detection of Known Devices
Multiple Alarm Zones
Historical Data Collection
Home Activity Feed
Anti-Theft Protection
Alerts and/or Alarms

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