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Gain an advantage with WiFi Motion

Show your customers an exciting new way to use WiFi. Join us as we bring the benefits of WiFi Motion to all corners of the connected home.

Benefits for our partners

By layering our software onto WiFi access point devices, WiFi Motion elevates products from a variety of industries.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can stand out among competitors and build brand loyalty by offering WiFi Motion as part of their services.

Makers of routers, mesh routers and home gateways can integrate WiFi Motion to bring new value to their products.

Security providers can use our home monitoring application to augment traditional security systems and reduce false alarms.

Care providers can support healthy aging in place using our wellness monitoring solution in elder care.

More reasons to partner with us

We’re leaders in groundbreaking technology

Cognitive Systems was the first company to release a wireless motion detection product to market. With 100 patents awarded and more than 160 filed, we own the most intellectual property in this space. WiFi Motion is well positioned to lead the industry for years to come.

Our solution doesn’t require extra hardware

WiFi Motion transforms WiFi infrastructure and uses it for a whole new purpose without compromising its other functions. Our software runs solely on the access point (e.g. router, gateway) and no additional hardware is needed. The smart home’s existing IoT devices act as extensions of the monitoring system, and motion is detected by sensing changes in the radio frequency signals running between the devices.

We compute on the edge

Modern consumers have high expectations about internet connectivity, data security and speed, and minimizing data transfer to the cloud is crucial for an optimal user experience. Because WiFi Motion runs calculations on the edge, adding our technology to a WiFi environment has an imperceptible impact on system latency, LAN utilization and data transfer costs. WiFi Motion also interacts directly with IoT devices, bypassing the cloud entirely, and reducing the risk of remote hacking.

We are agile and adaptable

WiFi Motion can be scaled for various use cases. Over-the-air (OTA) upgrades make it easy to adapt to changing customer needs and new additions to the smart home ecosystem.

We offer a complete software platform

WiFi Motion is a full software stack solution developed with our partners and end users in mind. Adding WiFi Motion to any access point is easy. We also provide robust cloud storage, fleet management, a complete set of APIs, a user-friendly mobile app and advanced AI algorithms.

We know what consumers want

Our award-winning home monitoring system has been tested by real people in real conditions. Aura Home hit the market in April 2017 and was the first home monitoring solution of is kind.

Advantages of integrating WiFi Motion

  • Add value to your product

  • Differentiate from competitors

  • Upsell to increase average order profits

  • Generate additional monthly recurring revenue

  • Provide an affordable motion detection system that’s easy to set up

  • Get in on the ground floor of a new use for WiFi that will soon become the norm

We’re proud to collaborate with these industry leaders

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