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Our goal is to become the standard for motion sensing using WiFi signals.

Our Story

Founded in 2014 by Tajinder Manku and Oleksiy Kravets, Cognitive Systems Corp. is on a mission to realize the incredible potential of wireless signals to enhance our quality of life at home.

From curiosity to breakthrough

Wireless signals are everywhere. They help make our lives more convenient, especially in the connected smart home. But are we really using them to their full potential? That’s the question our founders set out to answer when they drew upon their expertise in silicon design, radio frequency (RF) technology and cryptography to create a new way of interpreting and using wireless signals. As a result, WiFi Motion™ and our own chip (the R10) were born, bringing motion sensing capabilities with unprecedented accuracy to the smart home market with limitless applications.

Advancement through collaboration

Today, Cognitive Systems licenses the complete WiFi Motion Stack for use in routers, mesh routers, and other home gateways. We are partnering with ISPs and chipset manufacturers to enable WiFi-connected devices to "see" and interpret motion, bringing contextual awareness and user behaviour insights to the smart home, while maintaining compliance with the most stringent privacy regulations in the industry.

An exciting new frontier

This is only the beginning. We are dedicated to leading the continuous development of WiFi sensing technology and the exploration of new applications with the aim of advancing the smart home ecosystem and the WiFi industry.



Cognitive Systems Corp. founded

Tajinder Manku and Oleksiy Kravets use radio frequency (RF) technology to begin building an RF camera—the first iteration of WiFi Motion.


Custom R10 chipset produced

To demonstrate the capabilities of the new technology, Cognitive builds its own R10 chip.


First RF camera detects motion

Cognitive founders are successful in their mission to use wireless signals to detect motion. Learn More


Aura Home launches

A CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree, Cognitive’s Aura Home is the first home monitoring solution of its kind. It showcases what the R10 chip can do and establishes Cognitive as a leader in WiFi Sensing.

Jan 2018

Cognitive pivots from consumer to B2B

Cognitive partners with chipset manufacturers and licenses the full WiFi Motion stack for use in all routers and gateways. Learn More

Jun 2018

WiFi Motion uses other IoT devices to extend motion sensing coverage

Thanks to chipset partnerships, all devices in the smart home together create a motion detection solution offering unprecedented accuracy. Learn More

Dec 2018

Collaboration with Plume, Qualcomm and Stanley Black & Decker announced

The four companies create the Omni security product for homes and businesses, with unique capabilities enabled by WiFi Motion. Learn More

May 2019

Cognitive receives $7.3M from Strategic Innovation Fund

Canada’s government honours Cognitive with funding to advance development of WiFi Motion.

Jan 2020

WiFi Motion’s first commercial offering launches with Plume

Learn More



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Wi-Fi Now Award Best Wi-Fi Innovation

Our Mission:

Realize the incredible potential of wireless signals to enhance our quality of life at home.