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It’s easy to add value with WiFi Motion

Growing stacks of money

The telecom industry is highly competitive and, until now, there have not been many ways that internet service providers (ISPs) can stand out from competitors. With the introduction of WiFi Motion™ into the market - the first solution of its kind - ISPs can add robust motion sensing to their offerings with relative ease. Not only does WiFi Motion give ISPs multiple opportunities for monetization, but there are many features and capabilities that make WiFi Motion an appealing solution for ISPs.

Widely compatible

Cognitive Systems has partnered with all major chipset vendors, making integration of WiFi Motion seamless. It’s also the only WiFi sensing solution that works with different hardware configurations, including mesh and single AP. Best of all, it’s scalable to millions and millions of devices while still keeping cloud costs low.

Easy way to add value for customers

One of the primary benefits of WiFi Motion is how easy it is to install the software and to add more functions as needed. After its initial layering into the customer’s router, new capabilities can be added with a simple over-the-air (OTA) software update. With its proven applications in senior care, home security and smart home automation, adding extra value for customers with WiFi Motion couldn’t be simpler.

Seamless customer experience

Once WiFi Motion is installed on the customer’s router, the existing WiFi signals transmitting between connected devices in the home transform into a motion sensing system. The rest of the user set up is as easy as a typical app download.

Customizable interface

The WiFi Motion reference app interface is fully customizable, ensuring ISPs can choose how their customers interact with WiFi Motion and its functions. ISPs can choose to utilize web APIs to create a customer interface that matches their brand and can be incorporated to their existing app.

Minimal support expenses

WiFi Motion doesn’t require any hardware beyond the customer’s existing router and connected IoT devices. That means being able to offer more services without the need for additional hardware that could cause technical issues and result in costly service calls.

Incentive to rent the router or gateway

Purchasing third party routers to avoid paying a router rental fee is an increasing trend among consumers. Including a software-based service like WiFi Motion on ISP-branded routers gives customers an added incentive to rent instead of purchasing their own, resulting in recurring revenue.

A world of possibilities

The emerging technology that forms the basis of WiFi Motion is still largely untapped. As stakeholders in the wireless industry continue to explore its potential, new revenue opportunities for ISPs are sure to increase.

As the first to market with a product built on WiFi sensing, Cognitive Systems is at the forefront of this new technology. WiFi Motion is the only motion detection solution on the market today that utilizes the existing WiFi network. ISPs that get onboard with WiFi Motion now have a chance to be true disruptors.

The time to take advantage is now

If you are ready to explore just how easy it is to add WiFi Motion to your customer offering, we are here to help. Third party test facilities are available so you can indiscriminately test WiFi Motion for yourself. Contact us to learn how you can license WiFi Motion before your competitors do.

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