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Wellness Monitoring

Solving the Senior Housing Crisis


The senior housing crisis is here and most are completely unprepared for it, says a Harvard report, where the current senior population is increasing at a rate double to what senior care facilities can offer. This trend is not only due to seniors naturally feeling reluctant to leave their homes, but also the high cost associated with external caregiving options. In fact, the shows that rooms in assisted living facilities cost more than $80,000 annually, while the average yearly assisted living rate was $40,000 in 2010 – and these numbers only continue to increase. Today, less than a third of seniors can afford even one year in a facility. This puts their family in a difficult position when deciding how to best care for their elderly loved ones.

Cognitive Systems’ WiFi Motion is the ideal solution for affordable, healthy aging in place. Through precise monitoring of a home’s wireless signals, WiFi Motion can detect and classify motion within a home. If motion does not occur as expected, users will receive alerts through the mobile app. For example, if an elderly parent remains in bed longer than usual or a caregiver does not arrive as scheduled, the system notifies the consumer instantly.

With this technology, seniors can remain in the comfort of their own homes while also being unobtrusively monitored 24/7. WiFi Motion is a preferable solution to cameras. What person wants to be watched in their own home? Cameras also pose practical limitations, as a user can only observe movement that occurs within the camera’s direct line of sight. WiFi Motion can “see” even in the dark. It is highly discreet and less invasive than wearable devices.

Considering WiFi Motion utilizes existing WiFi infrastructure, the costs associated and incurred with the solution are minimal. A MetLife survey found that a home health aide alone is costing seniors approximately $22,000 a year in salaries and incurred costs. In comparison, the purchase of a router with existing WiFi Motion technology runs individuals anywhere from $100 - $200. According to a study by Pew Research, 67% of seniors have access to the internet, which means two-thirds of the market is already well-equipped to utilize WiFi Motion without any additional equipment or set-up.

Learn more about how WiFi Motion can help care for aging loved ones.

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