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Stand out from competitors and embrace the future with WiFi Motion

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Internet service providers (ISPs) know how difficult it is to differentiate from competitors and retain customers, but with WiFi Motion™ that is all about to change. It’s a new motion detection solution that ISPs can add to their service offering, giving them a competitive edge in several ways. It also helps them address industry challenges, all with very little barrier to entry.

The benefits of adding WiFi Motion to your service offering are numerous. Let’s break them down:

Recurring revenue

Every application of WiFi Motion presents opportunities for ISPs to establish recurring revenue streams. Including WiFi Motion in subscription models or bundled offerings are both great ways to monetize. Whether for eldercare, home monitoring or smart home automation, adding 24/7 motion sensing to the home creates opportunities for new promotions and new value for consumers.

Customer retention

Customer satisfaction has been low across the telecom industry for quite some time. By offering value-added motion services, you can retain your current customers while also attracting new ones. This all contributes to a better net promoter score when customers start to sing your praises as an ISP that is adding real and noticeable value to their lives, beyond connecting their devices to the internet.

A better user experience

Whether you use WiFi Motion to generate recurring revenue or offer it as a value-added bonus, its core technology alone is valuable and interesting to customers. It offers entirely new services to families, allowing them to feel more secure at home and while they’re away. It offers peace of mind when caring for senior relatives, all conveniently monitored from a smartphone anywhere, anytime. It can make smart homes smarter by triggering functions based on movement and AI patterns, rather than voice commands or manual adjustments. It’s a truly unique experience ISPs have not been able to offer until now.

Competitive advantage

For decades, ISPs have been competing on network speed and coverage, but the wireless speed race has plateaued, and ISPs are scrambling to redefine their value proposition. With WiFi Motion, you can truly differentiate from your competitors. The best part is that no additional hardware is required to add new motion services because it layers into your customer’s existing wireless network, making it as easy as checking a box once the software is integrated. And, since this technology is just starting to be adopted into the standards and consumer marketplace, ISPs that incorporate WiFi Motion into their services now have a real opportunity to stand out.

Attract new customers

WiFi Motion enables ISPs to move beyond basic home internet offerings and engage a new type of customer interested in the next generation of home WiFi capabilities. Using the home WiFi network to monitor home security, help seniors stay independent longer, and turn a connected home into a truly smart home represents the future of connectivity. It’s also a much more compelling offering than telecom services alone. The demand for technology that enables seniors to live independently and safely in their own homes while avoiding costly assisted living facilities continues to grow.

Brand engagement

ISPs have always provided their customers with value at home but, for the first time, WiFi Motion is giving you a way to engage customers when they are not home. Typically, customers download their ISP’s app so they can set up services, pay their bill or find contact information in case of a service interruption. With WiFi Motion controlled through the ISP’s existing app, customers have a reason to open and engage with your app regularly to monitor their motion detection system. Early findings show that 65% of customers who activate WiFi Motion technology continue to use it, creating increased interaction opportunities for you to communicate new offerings and promotions. With WiFi Motion’s home security and senior care functions in particular, your services can become a bigger part of your customer’s day beyond their in-home use.

Are you ready to explore how adding WiFi Motion to your offerings can open up new opportunities for future growth? We’re here to help. Don’t wait until your competitors do it first — contact us to learn about licensing WiFi Motion.

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