Spectrum Analytics

Real-time data collection and insights into wireless signals.

The Solution

A proprietary cognitive radio is at the core of the patented RF solution. Sensors can view and process signals between 650 MHz to 4GHz so meaningful spectrum data can be collected in real-time to ensure effective use of a limited resource.

Spectrum Sharing

Enable spectrum sharing with sensors that can monitor a customizable number of bands for incumbent use, and connect with an administrator system to ensure dynamic allocation.

Spectrum Development

Create network infrastructure plans based upon accurate data regarding existing network performance, and ensure growth of coverage and capacity with minimal spend.

Spectrum Inspection

Take a proactive approach to managing spectrum by receiving up-to-date, in-depth data regarding the health of the network, including congestion, performance, interference, and jamming.

Sensor Network

Build a network of sensors that can be controlled remotely to enable a powerful solution for monitoring spectrum. With both indoor and outdoor units available, full coverage is provided. The outdoor unit supports external antennas so that it can be customized for each customer application.

Technical Integration

Integrating relevant spectrum data into a meaningful platform varies by industry and customer. Cognitive Systems Corp. has an infrastructure for technical integration that enables data to be collected and displayed in customizable formats to ensure maximum benefit to users.

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