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WiFi Motion

The evolution of motion detection

WiFi Motion is an innovative software that “sees” motion by detecting and interpreting changes in WiFi signals. It enhances the capabilities of the smart home by transforming the existing wireless network into a highly accurate motion detection system.

No additional hardware required

WiFi Motion software is layered into the home router/gateway. It detects motion using the existing WiFi environment and IoT devices, and works with a single AP or mesh configurations.

No device or network compromised

IoT devices in the home become motion sensors without detracting from their original functions, slowing down the network or impacting data usage. The more devices in the home, the better the coverage and accuracy.

Setting a smart foundation

WiFi Motion establishes a baseline of the home environment, or what the home “looks” like when there is no movement. As time passes, it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn normal patterns and predict behaviour identify trends.

How motion is detected

When there is movement in the home, ripples are created in the WiFi signals. WiFi Motion classifies these ripples as motion, determining when and where the motion occurred and whether action should be taken.

Interpreting types of motion

WiFi Motion’s advanced algorithms differentiate between pet motion, fan motion and human motion.

Custom motion notifications

Users can view motion in real time or receive custom notifications of unexpected motion (e.g. security concerns), expected motion (e.g. kids are home), or even lack of expected motion (e.g. grandma is still asleep).

Triggering action

WiFi Motion enhances smart home automation by triggering IoT devices based on detected movements, such as turning on the lights or adjusting the thermostat when someone gets home from work.

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