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WiFi Motion Solutions

WiFi Motion uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and sensor fusion to detect, monitor and anticipate motion in a WiFi-enabled space. Click on the icons below to learn more about what WiFi Motion can do today.

WiFi MotionTM complements home automation offerings with enhanced energy savings and user conveniences.

Optimize smart thermostat settings

Automatically adjust lighting for energy savings

Expand smart home capabilities

Coming Soon

Location-based IoT Triggers

Turn WiFi-enabled appliances on/off by simply entering a room

User-specific Automation

Adjust HVAC systems based on present occupants

Gesture Recognition

Turn off lights or alarms with the wave of a hand

Predictive Automation

Automate routine activities, such as turning on the coffee maker, bathroom lights and TV news

User Benefits

Save Money

On energy bills

Easy to set up and Maintain

Simply download the WiFi Motion app; software updates occur automatically


Operate IoT devices without the need for voice or manual interaction

By layering WiFi MotionTM onto routers, mesh routers, and gateways, users receive a complete DIY monitoring solution that is affordable, easy to set up and preserves privacy.

Receive notifications of when/where motion occurs without invading privacy

Close-up of woman's hands using a smartphone

Augment professional security systems to significantly reduce false alerts

Woman pressing a thermostat

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Precise Localization

Identify and track room-to-room movement

People Counting

Identify how many people are in the home

Occupancy Detection

Receive notifications when specific individuals arrive or leave, such as a housekeeper or when children get home from school

AI Pattern Recognition

Receive notifications when motion occurs outside of usual routines

User Benefits

Complete Privacy

No cameras


Use your existing WiFi infrastructure; no need to purchase additional hardware

Full Coverage

Monitor areas of the home that are not in line of sight

Highly Accurate

Reduce the inconvenience and cost associated with false alerts

Easy to set up and Maintain

Simply download the WiFi Motion app; software updates occur automatically

Protects Your Investment

Unobtrusively monitor your Airbnb guests or rental tenants

WiFi Motion provides peace of mind to those caring for an aging parent, ill family member, or persons with special needs without infringing on their privacy.

Monitor activities of loved ones for healthy aging in place

An older couple laughing in the kitchen

Receive motion notifications for peace of mind while preserving privacy

Close-up of woman's hands using a smartphone

Coming Soon

Unusual Activity Alerts

Receive notifications when an elderly parent remains in bed for more time than usual

Sleep Tracking

Monitor sleep activity and identify patterns, such as frequent night motion, which could be an early indicator of health concerns

Fall Detection

Receive a notification when motion resembling a fall has occurred

Vitals Monitoring

Confirm a sleeping or stationary person’s breathing and heart rate is normal

Visitor Tracking

Confirm a caregiver is arriving as scheduled

User Benefits

Peace of Mind

Know that your loved ones are home and well

Save Money

On assisted living costs and security/health monitoring tools

Maintain Dignity

Discreetly monitor your loved ones without invading privacy or the need for wearable devices

Healthy Aging In Place

Allow elders to age comfortably in their own homes

Easy to set up and Maintain

Simply download the WiFi Motion app; software updates occur automatically

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