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WiFi Motion Stack

We Provide the Entire Stack

License to routers, mesh routers and other home gateways

Cognitive Systems is licensing our WiFi Motion™ stack to companies developing routers, mesh routers and other home gateways. Existing collaborations include: Qualcomm Technologies, Quantenna, and Cypress Semiconductor.

WiFi Motion stack is built to work on any WiFi 802.11ac compatible platform and can be pushed as an over-the-air upgrade. There’s no need for any additional hardware or changes to existing designs.


Leverage machine learning and predictive analytics

The Cognitive Systems team has built our own machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms to recognize and identify various types of motion and to provide accurate and reliable insights that continue to be refined each day.


At Cognitive Systems, we’ve made it easy to deploy our technology in any router with both the OEM and end-user in mind.

Components of the WiFi Motion stack:

  • Aura Edge™: WiFi Motion algorithms running on-device
  • Aura Manager™: Administrative portal for fleet management and robust storage back-end to collect and serve all motion data
  • Aura Home™: An end-user-focused platform that manages user accounts and serves up historical and live motion events
  • Aura SDK: A mobile app development software development kit to easily embed Aura components and motion visualizations into your apps (iOS and Android)


At Cognitive Systems, we take WiFi Motion seriously and our team is comprised of some of the leading experts in the field. We currently hold core patents for WiFi Motion and have over 35 granted and more than 130 patents filed. Cognitive Systems owns the entire IP stack, from the hardware and algorithms, to the data analytics and patents.

Work with us to bring WiFi Motion to all corners of the connected home

Cognitive Systems holds the core patents for WiFi Motion with over 35 granted and more than 130 patents filed

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