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Cognitive Systems Corp
Creators of WiFi Motion Technology

WiFi Motion - Where RF Meets AI

What is WiFi Motion?

Innovation, vision and sheer determination led us to discover a new way to see, interpret, and use WiFi signals.

Our patented WiFi Motion technology uses radio frequency (RF) signals from WiFi-enabled devices to identify and alert users of motion. It harnesses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics to bring new capabilities and insights to the Smart Home and IoT market.

Our Vision of a Cognitive Home

Layering WiFi Motion onto existing smart home devices builds a sensor network across the home and takes advantage of multiple inputs. WiFi Motion software combined with sensor fusion allows smart home devices to make more intelligent decisions, provides users with a seamless smart home experience, and relays consumer motion insights to OEMs.

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Home connected with Cognitive ISOHouse devices

WiFi Motion Software

We license our WiFi MotionTM software to OEMs and service providers in the networking, security, and smart home markets.

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Aura Home

Our Consumer Device

Cognitive Systems made history with the release of Aura Home in April 2017. A CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree, Aura Home was the first home monitoring solution of its kind. Its launch into the consumer marketplace solidified Cognitive Systems as the leader in WiFi Motion detection.

Our mission is to enable people to do more with the WiFi signals in their homes. To keep up with growing demand for our technology, Cognitive Systems has partnered with chipset manufacturers and OEMs to embed WiFi Motion directly into routers and gateways.