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Cognitive Systems Corp
Creators of WiFi Motion Technology

Aura WiFi Motion - Where RF Meets AI

Cognitive Systems has developed a way to see and interpret radio frequency (RF) signals. Was it hard? Yes... but ultimately, our drive to innovate was key to realizing our vision to bring new and valuable capabilities and insights to the smart home market and drove us to push boundaries on what is possible with RF sensing. Meet Aura WiFi Motion™ - a Cognitive Systems patented technology that uses Wi-Fi signals to detect motion.

Our Vision of a Cognitive Home

Imagine a smart home where you can leverage the existing Wi-Fi network and nearly all of its wireless devices to create a new WiFi Motion network. Now, a smart home with a router, mesh routers or home gateways works in harmony with IoT devices creating a virtual motion mesh network that understands the users, their patterns and preferences.

The result is our vision of a Cognitive Home that reacts to motion and anticipates what’s needed next.

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Home connected with Cognitive ISOHouse devices

Aura WiFi Motion Applications

Aura WiFi Motion harnesses RF, machine learning and artificial intelligence to classify and localize motion, providing context and awareness to the smart home.

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Aura WiFi Motion Stack

Cognitive Systems licenses its Aura WiFi Motion stack to companies developing routers, mesh routers and other home gateways. Existing relationships include: Qualcomm Technologies, Cypress Semiconductor, and Marvell.

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Aura Home Monitoring

Cognitive Systems’ consumer product, Aura Home, allows users to monitor and control their homes directly from a smartphone. Aura Home, a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree, is a consumer IoT device using WiFi Motion.

In April of 2017, Aura Home hit the market and became the first home monitoring solution of its kind to be launched, complementing the smart home safety, security and automation markets.

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