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WiFi Motion

Wi-Fi Sensing Excellence

From Signals to Motion Sensing Network

WiFi Motion, Cognitive’s Wi-Fi Sensing solution, is an innovative software platform that leverages AI and sophisticated algorithms to transform existing Wi-Fi signals into a motion sensing network.

Advanced Analysis

Our hardware-free solution identifies where and when motion happened by providing real-time alerts and a historical overview for users to comprehensively monitor and understand movement in their space.

Adaptable Across Diverse Network Configurations

Configure your WiFi Motion network in the manner that best suits your space, use case, and available devices.

The Leading Wi-Fi Sensing Solution

Our acclaimed patented technology, WiFi Motion, is setting the global standard for Wi-Fi Sensing solutions, offering motion insights through our scalable API and platform through a variety of competitive advantages:

Flexible Intergration

Transforming devices into sensors, our software seamlessly integrates with your preferred third-party hardware through a software-only approach with top ODMs and chipset vendors.

Platform Diversity

Unparalleled interoperability across Linux, Free RTOS, Soft at Home, and Android operating systems, delivering optimal Wi-Fi performance without compromising functionality.

Actionable Insights

Uncover rich insights and analytics about when and where motion occurs to enable unique customization for a competitive edge.

Elevated Compatibility

Software support for industry protocols including MATTER, Thread, RDK-B, Prpl, OpenSync and WRT.

Collaborate with the Cognitive team to access our extensive expertise. Together, we’ll design innovative, tailored solutions that address your unique challenges, setting your business apart and driving industry success through market-tested guidance and proven success.

Tap into Unlimited Applications with WiFi Motion

With our WiFi Motion platform, you have the freedom to tailor solutions to perfectly align with your business needs.

Home Monitoring


Health Monitoring

Energy Management


Empower proactive home security with motion analytics, real-time alerts, and peace of mind.

Leverage advanced WiFi Motion capabilities to enhance existing security services or create comprehensive home awareness solutions, featuring a Live Motion view for real-time monitoring and analytical insights through historical overviews of recorded motion.

Enable independent living with comprehensive support, keeping users connected and informed.

Deliver vital insights, notifying caregivers of health-related changes. Provide peace of mind for confident aging in place.

Through WiFi Motion, users can gain valuable insights into sleep and breathing patterns, enabling informed decisions for improved well-being.

By monitoring and analyzing these patterns, individuals can enhance sleep quality and overall health, leading to potential positive lifestyle adjustments and an improved quality of life.

Reduce energy consumption with seamlessly integrated smart home devices, triggering personalized routines based on motion detection.

Optimize device automation, featuring automatic lighting adjustments and energy-saving functions, for unparalleled convenience.

Extend the power of WiFi Motion from residential settings to dynamic enterprise environments.

Streamline small business operations by optimizing space, safety, and visitor experiences, for a safer, smarter, and more efficient workplace, while igniting future growth and innovation.

Embark on an exciting journey with WiFi Motion, where limitless possibilities revolutionize industries. This is just the tip of the iceberg, with its true potential poised to transform industries far and wide.