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June 2, 2022

Wi-Fi Trends in 2022- Connecting People, Things, and Environment

The connectivity revolution that has swept the globe since the early 1990s is in full effect. Businesses of all sizes are increasingly incorporating connectivity into their operations, and the impact on their day-to-day lives is far-reaching. This is because Internet has the potential to transform work, commerce, health care, education, personal finance, and just about everything else.

As of December 31, 2021, 5.25 billion people used the Internet daily.

– (Source: Internet World Stats)

Wi-Fi will be a key driver of digital transformation in 2022, as connectivity becomes even more pervasive in our lives. Let’s find out what the future of connectivity will look like as Wi-Fi momentum mounts, with expected Wi-Fi trends in 2022 and beyond.

Network Disaggregation

Wi-Fi is as ubiquitous as it is essential, with demand for connected devices expected to reach 55.7 billion by 2025. – CIO.com

The disaggregation of the network is the next paradigm shift in the evolution of the Internet while being a major driver of the digital economy. It cuts down on costs for deployment, ownership, and operations. Specifically, in countries like India, where connectivity in the underserved areas is a challenge, the disaggregation, along with TIP and PM-WANI models would bridge the digital gap. This trend would unshackle operators from proprietary rights while giving freedom to architect networks as per their choice and easily scale across multiple data center sites.

Wi-Fi Sensing- the Future of Connectivity

By 2024, Wi-Fi sensing will be standardized to achieve its true market penetration potential.

– Cognitive Systems Corp

Wi-Fi Sensing is a type of short-range sensing technology that uses radio waves to detect the presence of other wireless signals. It can detect signals in a single room that are 70 feet away, which is equivalent to the range of a human sense of smell. The standardization of Wi-Fi sensing will facilitate mass adoption, leading to key industry growth and scalability from proven commercial potential and key industry partnerships.

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