"Cognitive In The News"
May 31, 2022

Intrusion Detection by Way of … Wi-Fi?

We’ve been discussing perimeter protection/intrusion detection extensively of recent. Various visual and motion sensing technologies are used in this regard. But what about the technology that’s nearly ubiquitous – Wi-Fi? This article explores the benefits and future potential of detecting motion/intrusion by way of Wi-Fi.

Intrusion detection is a key aspect of security. End users are alerted of abnormal motion/movement and can respond accordingly. Various technologies are used in this regard, including PIR sensors, thermal/visual cameras, radar and lidar.

Now Wi-Fi is also used to make this possible. In a Wi-Fi environment, end devices and wireless routers are communicating via Wi-Fi radio signals; a change in signal patterns may indicate movement or motion. Using this principle, Cognitive Systems has come up with a Wi-Fi sensing solution called WiFi Motion.

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