"Cognitive In The News"
May 12, 2022

Waterloo Startup Helping Elderly Remain in Their Homes

WATERLOO REGION — Amanda Forsyth lives in London, England, but with a quick look at her smartphone she knows what time her parents have arrived home in St. Jacobs.

Forsyth is the director of product management for Cognitive Systems, a Waterloo startup that pioneered the use of radio waves from Wi-Fi routers and connected devices to detect the smallest movements inside homes. Three years ago this month it unveiled WiFi Motion, which is now used in 70 countries, primarily for home security.

“At the time we really wanted to prove out the tech,” said Forsyth. “Everyone was like, ‘It is science fiction. You can’t detect motion with Wi-Fi waves.’ ”

So the startup, which is based at Quantum Valley Investments in Waterloo, built its own chips and software to demonstrate the tech.

Now, all of the world’s top chip makers — Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcomm and Quantenna — allow Cognitive Systems to add their software to their chips.

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