"Celebrating 5 Years, Cognitive Creators of WiFi Motion"
June 7, 2019

5 Fun Facts About Cognitive Systems Corp.

This week, Cognitive Systems Corp. celebrated its 5th anniversary.

Founded in 2014, here are 5 things you may not know about us:

1. We started in the consumer business

Cognitive Systems made history with the launch of Aura Home in April 2017. A CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree, Aura Home was the first home monitoring solution of its kind and its launch into the consumer marketplace solidified Cognitive Systems as the leader in WiFi Motion detection. To date, nothing like it exists in the consumer market. To keep up with growing demand for our technology, Cognitive Systems now partners with OEMs to embed WiFi Motion directly into routers and gateways. Our experience driving a consumer device to market has helped us to better understand the business needs of our partners and the importance of a flawless customer experience. Much of our R&D resources go toward ensuring consumers can connect seamlessly and effortlessly to the myriad of IoT devices in today’s average home – a challenge as they move through a Wi-Fi enabled space that is fraught with interference, competing devices and constantly changing RF signals.

Aura Home

2. 100% of our computations happen “on the edge”

Edge computing means that data is processed outside of a traditional centralized data center or cloud and closer to the request point, which ultimately minimizes the need for data transfer. By reducing the volume of data that must be moved and the distance it needs to travel, the speed at which computations are processed is increased – meeting consumers’ increasing expectation for instant data. WiFi Motion directly interacts with IoT devices, and completely bypasses the cloud to provide a seamless user experience. Without the need to upload and download data to a cloud, consumers can enjoy real-time data processing with less system latency, lower data usage costs and less risk of remote hacking.

3. We’re not just a home security company

Our core RF sensing product, WiFi Motion, can be easily scaled to multiple applications. In actuality, the possibilities for motion sensing using WiFi are endless, and those possibilities will become a reality as infrastructure grows. We believe smart homes, smart cars, smart cities are truly only as smart as their weakest interconnected device. WiFi Motion will provide the missing context needed in these smart spaces to help your IoT devices work together in response to consumer behaviour.

Despite WiFi Motion’s unlimited programmability, Cognitive Systems isn’t one to overextend or overpromise. We are currently focused on perfecting the scalable portion of our technology for three main use cases: smart home, security and wellness monitoring. Click here to see how WiFi Motion would work in a smart home scenario and here in an eldercare environment.

WiFi MotionTM Core

application chart

4. We turn IoT devices into motion sensors

When you buy a WiFi Motion-enabled router or gateway, your most commonly connected smart home devices – TVs, voice controllers, mobile phones, smart plugs, lighting, cameras, thermostats and more – are converted into motion sensors. You don’t need to buy any new hardware or plug in any additional devices to detect motion. WiFi Motion works entirely with your existing WiFi infrastructure.

Smart Home

5. We have over 155 filed patents, including 40 already granted

Cognitive Systems leads the motion sensing space. We are carefully planning and preparing for boundless future growth and sustainability.