Woman relaxing on living room sofa
November 5, 2021

At Home, Easier Access to Information Means More Peace of Mind

If there’s one place we should all feel safe and relaxed, it’s in our own home. But ironically, because the security of our home is so important to us, it’s also a major point of anxiety. The contentment we’re all looking for often eludes us because of one thing: the unknown.

“Did that noise come from downstairs?”
“Did the repairman arrive and leave at the appropriate time?”
“Is the baby sleeping through the night?”
“Have the kids been in the TV room all day?”

When we don’t know, concern sets in. Enter WiFi Motion – a motion intelligence system that can be used for home monitoring. It gives you the information you need to put your mind at ease, providing solutions to inherently personal problems. It does all of this simply by using your existing Wi-Fi ecosystem. From a single-family home to multi-unit building, from a big family to a person living alone, these everyday insights can alleviate some of the nagging stresses of daily life.

To learn more about the ways in which individuals and families alike are benefitting from this convenient technology, we interviewed two users with very different home environments. What we discovered is despite their differences, WiFi Motion enabled them both to go about their day with an extra layer of security for themselves and/or their loved ones.

Ease concerns about living alone

For Amanda, living alone doesn’t mean she’s losing sleep over personal security – the information she needs to feel safe and sound is right at her finger tips.

Amanda has always looked forward to living on her own, but as someone who tends to fixate on small sounds or oddities, she was seeking a solution that could help her get excited at the idea. Today, she lives in a large condo building and uses WiFi Motion to put her mind at ease and confirm there was no unusual activity in her apartment.

“I knew moving into such a large building with multiple residents, I was bound to hear the odd sound every now and then. Normally they are easy enough to ignore, but there was one night in particular I kept hearing this sporadic noise while trying to sleep and I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. Every time I thought it had stopped and was about to fall asleep, it would start again. The unease of not knowing where it was coming from was enough to keep me up most of the night. Having the ability to quickly check my phone and confirm there was no activity in my unit or see when motion was last detected has certainly helped my sleep schedule.” she says.

Motion detection insights also help when she gets home at the end of the day. She can easily check her app as she’s entering the building to reassure herself that there was no motion inside while she was away. “When I’m leaving my place early in the morning and not arriving home until late at night, knowing that I can easily confirm that nothing went on in my unit while I was away is comforting.”

She can also make sure building maintenance workers are acting with integrity in her home and confirm that they didn’t linger, especially in private rooms they don’t need to be in. Ultimately, Amanda enjoys the freedoms of living alone while feeling comfortable and protected in her own personal haven.

Families gain a clear conscience

Geordie who lives with his wife and young son, appreciates that he can monitor not only the security of his property, but the activity and sleeping patterns of the whole family.

On top of typical home security concerns, families have the added stress for the safety of their spouse and kids – and Geordie’s family is no different. Often on the go, he can have a clear conscience that his properties are secure, his children are where they’re supposed to be, and can understand the activity and sleeping patterns of the whole household. With today’s busy family lifestyles, having WiFi Motion within the home is like a third set of non-intrusive eyes when parents are occupied or away.

“With young kids, you wish you could have eyes everywhere, all the time,” Geordie explains. “My wife is a teacher and has recently gone back to working in the classroom. We both like having the ability to see the activity patterns in our home and see how our son and his caretaker are spending their day without the caretaker feeling uneasy that she is being watched.” He appreciates that he can receive notifications while at work about the activity in his home right from his apple watch. WiFi Motion can let him know that his son and caretaker are home from the park, that there is activity in the playroom downstairs, or that his son is getting ready to take a nap in his bedroom.

Geordie’s family also has a cottage, and he has added peace of mind there too. WiFi Motion works together with the existing security system to provide further insights they did not get with just the security system alone. “When we’re at the cottage, we can check to make sure there’s no unusual motion at home. And when we’re at home, we can also keep tabs on the cottage. We have the ability to monitor both at our fingertips.”

He also uses WiFi Motion to learn more about his family’s health-related habits. He can conveniently make sure his son is getting a full night’s rest or check in to see household activity throughout the day. “There are so many things to consider when ensuring your child’s development is on track and having access to these insights is just one more tool in my parenting toolbelt.”

Home Security made simple

WiFi Motion is, for anyone who wants a little extra peace of mind. While Amanda and Geordie live very different home lives, the one thing they share, as we all do, is a desire to feel comfortable, safe, and happy in our homes. These reassuring insights make this a reality—without having to install any cameras, motion sensors, or other hardware. WiFi Motion is layered onto an existing router, without compromising their original functions, network speed or privacy. It’s home security made simple. Turns out, security is as much a feeling as a tool and WiFi Motion is the perfect way to get both.