"Cognitive In The News"
April 9, 2024

Can Wi-Fi Sensing Help Elderly and Disabled People Live at Home Independently?

Saibal Chakraburtty, Cognitive’s Director of Product Management, recently engaged in a conversation with Chris Lewis from Lewis Insight and Monica Paolini from Senza Fili. They delved into the potential applications of Wi-Fi Sensing in eldercare and aging-in-place scenarios, aiming to support both independent living and overworked caregivers. The discussion highlighted the ease of deploying Wi-Fi Sensing for seniors through internet-connected devices like smart plugs, speakers, and sensors. This technology allows caregivers to monitor the movements of elderly individuals, assess problem areas, track daily activities, and receive early warnings of potential health risks such as changes in sleep habits or increased sedentary behavior. Ultimately, Wi-Fi Sensing seeks to provide peace of mind to caregivers and family members while enabling elderly individuals to maintain their independence at home.

To watch the full video interview, visit Senza Fili’s website.