"Cognitive In The News"
November 10, 2022

Caregiver Aware Improves Lives and Healthcare – WBA Industry Award: Best Social Impact

WiFi is a ubiquitous technology that has become synonymous with modern communication. However, its true potential outside of device connectivity is largely unrealized. Cognitive is on a mission to revolutionize how WiFi networks are used with the goal of making spaces safer, healthier, smarter, more convenient, and more efficient.

WiFi Motion™ by Cognitive is a software platform that detects motion by measuring and interpreting changes in WiFi signals transmitted between connected smart devices to provide whole-home awareness. Through a simple software upgrade to an existing network’s router, WiFi Motion revolutionizes broadband by providing internet service providers (ISPs) with much needed value-add services as consumers’ expectations evolve to demand more than connectivity from their smart homes and suppliers.

Cognitive is leveraging WiFi Motion’s AI to empower IoT, ISPs, and consumers to benefit from more dynamic health insights.

Caregiver Aware, their eldercare solution, employs Cognitive’s WiFi Motion technology to monitor loved ones as they age in place. It provides caregivers with peace of mind and insights into a senior’s health while maintaining their privacy, dignity, and freedom. Caregiver Aware specializes in providing in-depth health insights to its users through AI-driven pattern recognition, along with customizable routines and alerts.

By equipping caregivers with the right information, the app helps them make proactive healthcare decisions, initiate health-related conversations, and ultimately ensure that loved ones can age in place with minimal stress. Whether it’s tracking the average amount of sleep at night or if weekly activity levels are suddenly decreasing, Caregiver Aware encourages a proactive approach.

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