"Cognitive In The News"
May 26, 2022

Caregiver Aware Provides Wellness Checks for Seniors Without Disrupting Their Privacy

Canadian tech company Cognitive Systems is giving seniors the option to age in the places they love through Caregiver Aware — a system that allows caregivers to perform remote wellness checks on the people they love without intruding on their privacy.

Cognitive Systems powers the application through another one of its innovations — Wi-Fi Motion. It connects devices within the home into a motion-sensor network. The company says additional hardware isn’t needed and it doesn’t impact broadband performance.

“Wi-Fi Motion determines what ‘normal’ activity (or lack thereof) in your home looks like,” Amanda Forsyth, director of product management at Cognitive Systems, told MobileSyrup. “The longer Wi-Fi Motion is active in the space, the more accurately it can learn patterns to identify and predict behavioural trends.”

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