"Cognitive In The News"
January 2, 2024

Cognitive Systems Corp. Announced as Winners of Wi-Fi NOW’s 2023 Best Wi-Fi Innovation

The Wi-Fi NOW Awards constitute an annual ceremony designed to honor exceptional achievements and innovations within the Wi-Fi industry. Whether established players or startups, companies seize the opportunity to spotlight their contributions to the field across 11 categories. Serving as a global platform, these awards aim to acknowledge and celebrate the foremost Wi-Fi products and companies in the industry.

The category of “Best Wi-Fi Innovation” aims to acknowledge remarkable progress in the Wi-Fi industry, spotlighting particularly distinctive and inventive solutions that demonstrate significant growth potential. The emphasis lies on uniqueness in hardware, software, or services, coupled with a notable contribution to the broader Wi-Fi ecosystem.

Click here to check out the winners of the 8th annual Wi-Fi NOW Awards, featuring Cognitive Systems Corp. winning Best Wi-Fi Innovation for their Wi-Fi Sensing solution, WiFi Motion.