January 10, 2018

Cognitive Systems Introduces Aura WiFi Motion Software for Licensing in Mesh Routers, Voice Assistants and IoT Devices

Advanced motion detection software provides contextual awareness and insights, turning connected devices into smart devices

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CES – Cognitive Systems Corp., creators of WiFi Motion, today announced it is licensing its Aura WiFi Motion software to all companies developing products for the smart home such as mesh routers, voice assistants and IoT devices. Not only does this software allow for advanced motion detection, it also provides contextual awareness and insights to empower smart homes. Aura WiFi Motion software will work on any 802.11n compatible platform, and can be pushed as an over-the-air upgrade. This means there’s no need for additional hardware for new designs or changes required to existing designs.

“Our research shows that monitoring activities in the home is highly valued by consumers and Cognitive Systems’ technology enables truly smart monitoring rather than motion sensors that merely send alerts for any type of motion that is detected”

“As a CES Innovation Honoree, our technology has already been recognized for its outstanding engineering by detecting motion without the need for light or heat sensors,” said Taj Manku, CEO of Cognitive Systems. “This award recognized our own Aura device; now we’re able to scale our Aura WiFi Motion technology to millions of connected devices through a license. Licensed devices such as mesh routers, voice assistants and IoT devices will now be able to access advanced motion detection, and use this information to make decisions based on localization, context and insights for seamless home automation.”

“Our research shows that monitoring activities in the home is highly valued by consumers and Cognitive Systems’ technology enables truly smart monitoring rather than motion sensors that merely send alerts for any type of motion that is detected,” said Bill Ablondi, Director of Smart Home Strategies at Strategy Analytics. “A key trend in the market is moving to systems that employ awareness, learning and personalization to usher in the era of the Intelligent Home in which systems can anticipate actions that need to occur. Aura WiFi Motion technology is designed to enable these types of capabilities.”

Aura WiFi motion software will now be licensed by the premier WiFi vendors including Marvell and Qualcomm.

“Marvell has a proven track record as a leading WiFi SoC provider for the consumer market in smart home devices,” said Jeff James, Senior Director of Marketing of the Wireless Connectivity Business Unit at Marvell. “We believe working with Cognitive Systems will extend the capabilities of our wireless products making the IoT devices developed by our OEM partners more intelligent. This will allow them to offer improved comfort and convenience for consumers.”

A Cognitive Home

Aura WiFi Motion harnesses RF, machine learning and artificial intelligence for advanced localization features which classify and localize motion, to provide context and awareness that current connected devices lack. Adding Aura WiFi Motion to devices in the smart home builds a sensor network across the home that can take advantage of multiple inputs including motion, sound, touch and more. For example, if Aura WiFi Motion was embedded into speakers throughout a home, they would be able to turn on or adjust volume of music played as people moved from room to room. Aura WiFi Motion, plus sensor fusion, allows smart home devices to make more intelligent decisions and provides end users with improved controls for a seamless smart home experience.

At CES® 2018, Cognitive Systems will showcase how Aura WiFi Motion is already working with many smart home devices including Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and with IFTTT devices such as Philips Hue, Wink, Netgear Arlo, iRobot Roomba and iSmartDevices.

Cognitive Systems will also show off future integrations such as an upcoming Alexa Visual Skill for the Amazon Echo Show, powered by Intel Atom® x5-Z8350. Having access to Aura WiFi Motion on a screen-based personal assistant allows for a more in-depth and engaging experience with improved control and more information from consumers connected devices. Whether through voice or vision, consumers have the ability to easily make their devices work together to deliver a truly smart home.

Examples of Aura WiFi Motion will be on display at CES 2018 at:

  • Cognitive Systems’ suite in The Venetian
  • Intel’s booth (Central Hall, Booth #10048)
  • Qualcomm’s booth (Central Hall, Booth #10948)

To read the press release on Business Wire, click here.

About Cognitive Systems

Cognitive Systems Corp., based in Waterloo, ON, is changing the way the world views wireless signals. Our patented RF technology offers unique solutions that use and interpret wireless signals in new ways. These advanced technologies allow Cognitive Systems to build WiFi Motion solutions that support a variety of initiatives within the Smart Home market.

For more information on Aura visit:
Website: https://www.cognitivesystems.com