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May 4, 2022

Cognitive Systems Launches Caregiver Aware, Enabling Service Providers to Enter the Remote Eldercare Industry

Caregiver Aware marks a new era in preventative health, accelerating the shift from reactive to proactive care

WATERLOO, Ontario — Cognitive Systems Corp. announced today the launch of Caregiver Aware, a revolutionary advancement in preventative health. Working directly with service providers during development to understand their challenges, Caregiver Aware was designed with flexible go-to-market options that leverage providers’ existing infrastructure and hardware. Building on the success of its Home Aware security product that commercially launched in 2019, Caregiver Aware’s predictive analytics has the potential to significantly disrupt the broadband services market and our definition of “smart home.”

Caregiver Aware is powered by WiFi Motion™, which is currently active in over 70 countries and leverages connected IoT devices to transform the entire home into a motion-sensing network without additional hardware. It is an end-to-end solution featuring Cognitive Systems’ patented algorithms, clean iOS and Android app interfaces. Backed by robust integration support from Cognitive’s QA and commercialization experts, the optimized data management system does not impact broadband performance. This launch represents a key moment for service providers looking to enter the rapidly growing field of remote eldercare by providing their customers with a tool for aging in place.

“Technology is accelerating the shift from reactive to proactive healthcare and we want to help lead that charge,” said Taj Manku, co-founder and CEO of Cognitive Systems. “Caregiver Aware has been on our product roadmap from the start, but the pandemic has made us all acutely aware of the need for innovation in preventative health. Our goal with this product is to create a bridge for service providers to build a care-focused ecosystem using data analytics, which will be a game-changing step in shaping future broadband services.”

Caregiver Aware is currently being trialed with service provider partners. It allows caregivers to complete remote wellness checks and view live motion in a loved one’s home without intruding on their privacy or independence in the way cameras or wearable devices do. This launch represents the tip of the iceberg for remote eldercare monitoring, with new features already in development aimed at capturing behavioural patterns based on natural motion AI, improving localization and enabling customized notifications.

“As we worked towards a full-scale launch with more advanced features, user feedback confirmed immediate value in providing people with the peace of mind knowing a loved one is home, safe and active,” says Amanda Forsyth, Director of Product Management at Cognitive Systems. “This first iteration of Caregiver Aware is an important steppingstone towards a proactive health model and, with the majority of adults wanting to age in place, Caregiver Aware not only fills an industry need but a societal one.”

With aging populations around the world, the remote eldercare industry is poised to take off. However, with current world events and chip shortages, integration timelines can be lengthy. Service providers looking to enter the market need to start conversations now about where care solutions fit into their product roadmaps.

To read the press release on the Financial Post, click here.

About Cognitive Systems
Cognitive Systems Corp. is on a mission to transform the way WiFi networks are used. Its flagship technology, WiFi Motion™, uses wireless signals to sense motion in the home. WiFi Motion harnesses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to reliably identify and localize motion for the smart home, home monitoring, and wellness monitoring markets. This patented technology is layered onto existing WiFi networks without additional hardware to enhance service provider and router manufacturer offerings.


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