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February 21, 2019

Cognitive Systems Partners With Quantenna to Deliver the Truly Smart Home Experience

WATERLOO, Ontario — Cognitive Systems Corp. today announced that its patented Aura WiFi Motion™ technology will become a standard option for customers developing products based on the Quantenna® platform, in 2019.

Companies using Quantenna’s leading-edge Wi-Fi chipset technology will be able to license Aura WiFi Motion for use in their offerings, and millions of existing and future connected devices will leverage Aura’s advanced motion detection without the need for design changes or additional hardware. Together, Cognitive and Quantenna will enable home monitoring, remote monitoring (e.g., rental properties or elder care), and energy management, to create a truly smart home.

Cognitive’s WiFi Motion technology offers high-performance detection and localization of motion, validated by rigorous quality assurance testing in diverse, real-world environments, under a variety of stressed conditions. Cognitive is committed to the productization and mass deployment of its disruptive technology, which amplifies the utility of wireless networks beyond communication, and towards indoor environmental RF sensing.

“With Aura WiFi Motion, Cognitive Systems and Quantenna can leverage sophisticated signal processing and machine learning algorithms — all running at the edge — to enable robust detection and localization of motion within wireless environments,” said Dr. Nebu John Mathai, Executive Vice-President, Product Engineering, at Cognitive Systems. “In conjunction with Aura WiFi Motion, the Quantenna platform provides full home coverage — economically — and can leverage existing Wi-Fi client device deployments: no additional hardware required.”

By incorporating Aura WiFi Motion, end-users will experience a fully connected, customizable smart home with complete Wi-Fi coverage, remote monitoring, and energy management. For router companies, this integration enables other services that can be monetized without the need for additional hardware — and at a low cost. This generates additional revenue streams and differentiates products from the competition.

“As a global leader in high-performance Wi-Fi solutions, Quantenna aims to continually deliver innovative features and services that enhance user experience,” said Ambroise Popper, Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Marketing, at Quantenna Communications. “With the addition of Aura WiFi Motion as a standard option for our customers, we are another step closer to achieving our vision of the widespread and advanced usage of Wi-Fi technology.”

The strategic partnership between Cognitive Systems and Quantenna enables companies selling single access points and home gateways to leverage the advanced motion detection software in their connected products. This serves to advance the smart home industry for manufacturers and consumers alike, as the solution uses cutting-edge radio frequency motion algorithms and machine learning technology to allow people to monitor their homes without cameras or additional hardware.

About Cognitive Systems

Cognitive Systems Corp., is on a mission to transform the way Wi-Fi networks are used. Its flagship technology, Aura WiFi Motion™, uses wireless signals to detect motion in the home. Aura WiFi Motion harnesses machine learning and predictive analytics to reliably identify and localize motion for home monitoring, remote monitoring and energy management. This patented technology is layered onto existing Wi-Fi networks, without adding any new hardware, to enhance security service provider and router manufacturer offerings.

About Quantenna Communications

Quantenna (NASDAQ: QTNA) is the global leader and innovator of high-performance Wi-Fi solutions. Founded in 2006, Quantenna has demonstrated its leadership in Wi-Fi technologies with many industry firsts. Quantenna continues to innovate with the mission to perfect Wi-Fi by establishing benchmarks for speed, range, efficiency and reliability. Quantenna takes a multidimensional approach, from silicon and system to software, and provides total Wi-Fi solutions. For more information, visit www.quantenna.com.

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