WBA WiFi Sensing Technology Whitepaper Cover
October 9, 2019

Download the First Ever Wi-Fi Sensing Whitepaper

Wi-Fi Sensing is a new technology which enables motion detection, gesture recognition as well as biometric measurement by using existing Wi-Fi signals. It creates opportunities for service providers within the home security, health care, enterprise, and building automation/management markets and many more.

Wi-Fi Sensing technology and its applications are new with no standard that is specific to this technology. While some applications can be enabled using existing standards, there are technology gaps that limit the range of applications. Some of these gaps may be addressed via proprietary means, however such an approach would inhibit interoperability, integration, and deployment. Alternatively, there could be opportunities for the introduction of new capabilities into the Wi-Fi standards. Standard support would allow for more efficient handling of existing use-cases and enable new use-cases previously not possible.

This Wi-Fi Sensing Whitepaper provides an overview of the Wi-Fi Sensing technology, classifies the Wi-Fi Sensing use cases and requirements, and identifies the gaps in Wi-Fi standards which would lead to the enhancement of the technology and ease of deployment if those gaps are addressed. Furthermore, the paper shares a Home Monitoring case study as an example application is presented, examining topics related to testing.

To download the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s first whitepaper, click here.