"Cognitive In The News"
May 6, 2024

Electronic Caregiver, Inc. Partners with Cognitive Systems Corp. To Offer AI-Based Ambient Assisted Living Sensing

Electronic Caregiver, a leading provider of digital health technology and service solutions, and Cognitive Systems Corp., creators of the world’s leading Wi-Fi Sensing technology, announce a partnership to distribute CareAware™, a WiFi MotionTM-based sensing solution, to enhance the aging-in-place experiences for older adults and caregivers.

“Partnering with Electronic Caregiver is a game-changer for eldercare,” said Dr. Taj Manku, Founder and CEO of Cognitive Systems. “WiFi Motion will help seniors access aging-in-place technologies and continue living in their homes non-intrusively, providing safety and peace of mind for them and their loved ones. We are looking forward to bringing Wi-Fi Sensing into more homes, making caregiving smarter, more intuitive, and ultimately more compassionate.”

To read the full press release, visit Electronic Caregiver’s website.