Home security
April 13, 2023

How Can ISPs Enter Security?

The average person spends approximately 60% of their waking hours at home, according to the American Time Use Survey. Regardless of cultural background, households worldwide prioritize comfort, convenience, and safety in their homes.

Internet service providers (ISPs) have been the natural and dominant solution for delivering the first two needs, comfort and convenience, to their customers via broadband. However, ISPs have struggled to meet the third need, safety, by developing and marketing effective security solutions. The core problem? They have approached the task thinking like a professional security company rather than an ISP. Traditional security solutions can be expensive, cumbersome to develop, and not readily accessible to the average consumer. With a growing demand for technology that offers the holy trinity of comfort, convenience, and safety, ISPs are uniquely positioned to meet these expectations.

To penetrate the security market, ISPs need to take a different approach and capitalize on their most valuable resource: Wi-Fi. By focusing on their strengths, ISPs can establish security solutions as a core part of their service offerings.

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