"Cognitive In The News"
April 12, 2023

Making Sense of Wi-Fi Sensing

Increasingly, Wi-Fi Sensing has become a popular and viable way to detect objects and motion. The technology offers several advantages over traditional motion detection methods. This article takes a closer look at how.

These days, who can live without Wi-Fi? It’s almost ubiquitous in our daily life, allowing us to go online wirelessly. In fact, IDC forecasts Wi-Fi-enabled products are expected to ship 3.9 billion and 4.1 billion, respectively this year and in 2024.

Yet Wi-Fi can do much more than just transmitting data packets wirelessly. One of the more unique applications is Wi-Fi Sensing, which detects the presence and movement of objects in a given space. The technology is not exactly new. Yet adoption and deployment have been on the increase in recent years.

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