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October 13, 2021

Nokia Passes Control to CSPs to Deploy Applications on its Broadband Devices

Nokia passes control to CSPs to deploy applicationon its broadband devices

  • Nokia introduces application containers enabling communication service providers (CSPs) to easily install applications on customer premise equipment
  • Nokia is establishing a community of third party application providers to create new revenue streams to broadband providers who want to offer enhanced user experiences from cybersecurity to entertainment to productivity
  • Nokia projects 30% of broadband-connected homes will use third party applications and services within containers by 2025

13 October 2021

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced it is enabling CSPs to directly upload and manage the lifecycle of applications on its broadband devices. In a move that heralds a new beginning in their relationship with customers, CSPs can now bypass firmware releases to deploy new applications using Nokia’s application container solution. The new solution, launched today at the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam, opens up new monetization opportunities for CSPs who can now dynamically provide a far richer suite of services.

Containers are a way to provide an environment within a device which can host independent isolated applications without interfering with the functioning of the device or other applications. This means service providers can quickly add new services and capabilities, including from third parties, thereby opening up brand-new monetization opportunities.

Application containers are already widely used in cloud and enterprise domains, but is an emerging market for CSPs in a CPE environment.

“Application containers enable the ability for service providers to have more nimble solutions for their customers,” explained John Kendall, Principal Analyst from Omdia. “Whereas previously, these new services would need to be pre-installed on the broadband gateway, containers empower service providers to easily and rapidly provide new capabilities to their customers, bringing new potential revenue streams. These can include VPN access to work from home, enhanced threat protection, better latency for streaming video and online gaming, privacy and parental controls.”

Nokia is establishing an community of third party developers to make their applications available to CSPs through its application container platform. Initial partners include F-Secure for cybersecurity, Broadpeak for multicast-ABR video delivery, Cognitive Systems for Wi-Fi motion sensing, Gamebench for performance monitoring, Domos for performance optimization, Ookla for speed test, and NTOP for traffic analysis.

To read the full press release from Nokia, click here.