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October 12, 2023

Tech Trends 2024 – Seize New Opportunities and Mitigate Threats in the Age of AI

Tech Trends 2024 guides organizations in navigating the transformative landscape shaped by Artificial Intelligence (AI). With AI taking center stage, the report emphasizes the concept of the generative enterprise, focusing on both the opportunities and risks brought about by AI advancements. The report identifies three trends to help organizations seize opportunities, including AI-driven business models, autonomized back office, and spatial computing. Simultaneously, it addresses three trends to mitigate risks, emphasizing responsible AI, security by design, and the importance of digital sovereignty. The intention is to equip IT and business leaders with strategic insights for successfully adapting to the AI-driven future.

The report further explores the fascinating connection between light and Wi-Fi, discovers the revolutionary potential of Wi-Fi Sensing in motion detection, and uncovers its wide-ranging applications in home security, eldercare, and energy management.

Read the full report from InfoTech here.