"Cognitive In The News"
December 14, 2018

The Hottest Security Trend for 2019 Will Be Wireless

The hottest security trend for 2019 will be wireless: A quartet of companies have introduced a new security product that will use Wi-Fi signals in the home to detect motion. Stanley Black & Decker will make the device called Omni; it’s working with Plume, Qualcomm, and Cognitive Systems to launched the device in mid-2019. Omni is a Wi-Fi router that also offers network security as a service. Additionally, it will track disturbances in a home’s Wi-Fi to determine motion inside the home. Its algorithms can detect if the motion is a pet or a person. For now, such motion detection will focus on home security, but eventually it could provide context about a home, such as room occupancy. Cognitive Systems had created its own alarm system using the Wi-Fi tech that it showed at CES in 2017, but this year it switched gears to provide the technology to other manufacturers of security systems. (Business Wire)

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