"Cognitive In The News"
September 1, 2022

Transformative Tech Products Emerge

Advancements in artificial intelligence, mobile apps and even robots are becoming the new normal for improving seniors’ health.

A plaintive call from an elderly family member several years ago illustrated society’s digital divide. “The TV commercial said I should go on a website for more information,” she complained. “But I don’t know how to get on the internet.”

That generation of individuals alienated by technology is now dwindling in number, gradually being replaced by aging baby boomers who, while not growing up with computers and smartphones, are not that intimidated by them.

The upshot is that senior living operators can no longer view the installation of ubiquitous Wi-Fi access throughout a community as a luxury add-on, something desired by only a few tech-savvy residents.

Much like a century ago, when electric light began to expand living spaces and phone service started to shrink the world, today’s Wi-Fi serves as the conduit through which other technological advancements become possible.

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