"Cognitive In The News"
May 6, 2019

Waterloo’s Cognitive Systems Sees the Unseeable

Most homes are now full of radio frequency waves from laptops, routers, cellphones and other electronics. Those waves are invisible to the naked eye, but a Waterloo firm has developed software that can “see” ripples in the signal and use that information to increase security, improve health monitoring and enhance your comfort at home.

“If you go back to the year 2000, your house was almost dark – there were almost no radio frequencies there,” said Taj Manku, co-founder and CEO of Cognitive Systems Corp. Yet the proliferation of personal electronics in the past 20 years means our homes are now full of these waves.

The Cognitive software can be installed on internet routers that are still at the factory, or wirelessly patched to the unit already in your home, and will turn any device connected to that router – your television, smart thermostat, smart light bulbs, or voice-activated devices such as an Alexa – into a motion sensor.

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