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WiFi Motion Technology

What is WiFi Motion™?

Unlike other sensors that use light or heat, WiFi Motion™ uses wireless radio frequency (RF) signals to detect motion in the home. Through Cognitive Systems’ research and patented technology, we’ve found that motion detection based on WiFi is more dependable as it limits false detections and has the ability to see through walls and in the dark, for full home coverage.

WiFi Motion harnesses machine learning and artificial intelligence to classify and localize motion, providing context and awareness to smart home.


Cognitive Systems WiFi Motion Breakthrough

Gartner predicted that by 2022 a typical U.S. household could have more than 50 smart devices. Now, imagine trying to detect movement or motion within this changing environment with hundreds of devices. At Cognitive Systems, we were faced with this daunting task of finding a flexible solution to detecting motion and, like many, thought this was impossible, but our team loves a challenge, so we set forth to find a reliable solution.

That solution is WiFi Motion. To make it work, our team had to have knowledge and experience in a variety of technology backgrounds, including RF/antennas, WiFi architectures, WiFi standards, data science, AI and machine learning; all brought together to harness the power of WiFi to do something new: detect motion reliably.

The ability to detect motion is not the only innovation. It also lies in our ability to tackle the bigger problem - the continuously changing wireless environment, aka “the real world”. Variations in the size of a home, the number of stories, a home’s layout and even the construction materials used, which often vary across geographical regions, present real world implementation challenges. The number of WiFi devices, usage patterns, network utilization, and sources of interference are additional factors that must be considered.

Once we solve these challenges for a given home, then we need to ensure that WiFi Motion technology works robustly and reliably across all homes. A daunting task? Yes. But at Cognitive, we’ve got it covered.

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Motion detection based on WiFi is more dependable since it limits false detections and has the ability to see through walls and in the dark, for full home coverage

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