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August 16, 2018

Why Today’s Security Cameras Are Already Obsolete

Not surprisingly, the smart home category continues to enjoy enviable growth. According to Statista.com, worldwide revenue for smart home-related products is expected to exceed $48.5 billion dollars in 2018—a 38.3% increase over 2017. Part of this is due to the explosion of user-friendly home and business security cameras, a field dominated by brands like Nest, Arlo, and D-Link. The security camera market is hot and I expect it will remain so for the foreseeable future.

For most consumers, the security camera itself is the core element of their smart home, enabling the surveillance of their home, backyard, and property. Smart surveillance cameras feature mobile app support that facilitates alerts, easy monitoring, and even wireless support (alleviating the need to run cables to difficult access areas to reach in the home). External surveillance cameras are often weather-resistant and sometimes have small optional solar panels that can provide constant recharging of battery-powered units.

Inside-the-home monitoring has also become a popular usage model, for the monitoring of children, childcare workers, and the elderly. Privacy issues aside, there is growing demand here among consumers.

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