"Cognitive In The News"
February 26, 2024

Wi-Fi Sensing: Transforming Connectivity into Intelligent Insights

In a recent interview by TechInsights, Cognitive’s Bob El-Hawary, EVP of Sales, delved into the transformative capacities of Wi-Fi Sensing and explored the practical applications of this technology, exemplified through solutions like Cognitive’s WiFi Motion™.

TechInsights believes that over time, Wi-Fi sensing technology is going to become an essential component of the smart home and office ecosystem due to its ubiquity, non-intrusiveness, ease of installation, interoperability, privacy, and its reliability.

The future of Wi-Fi sensing remains promising, but it will likely coexist and be fused with emerging technologies such as UWB (Ultra-Wideband) and ultrasonic sensors.

We believe TechInsights hit the nail on the head. Wi-Fi Sensing will not just evolve and elevate smart homes but also the core technology of Wi-Fi itself. Wi-Fi Sensing’s main benefits of being everywhere, easy to use, and respecting your privacy will come to define connected spaces.

We’re advancing Wi-Fi Sensing to go beyond just communication. Our vision revolves around a future where Wi-Fi Sensing seamlessly integrates with other devices and innovations to stay ahead in the dynamic technological landscape.

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