"Cognitive In The News"
June 29, 2018

Winner – Juniper Research Future Digital Award – Aura WiFi Motion

At Cognitive Systems Corp., we are very excited to be recognized for our Aura WiFi Motion™ technology, by Juniper Research. Winning the “Smart Homes – Best Consumer Product Award” for our Aura Home Monitoring System is an honour.

We love to see our disruptive WiFi Motion™ technology take hold of the smart home and IoT markets. With widespread adoption of smart home products on the rise, we want to be on the forefront of innovation so that people can maximize their investment in smart products and monitor and automate their homes, while still feeling that their privacy is intact.

Aura WiFi Motion and Juniper’s other best products of 2018 were awarded by a panel of expert judges who considered a variety of factors including product features and user benefits, innovation, commercial partnerships, commercial launches, certification, compliance and potential future business development. You can see a complete list of Juniper’s 2018 award recipients in its press release.

As our CEO, Taj Manku said, “Being recognized as the Best Smart Home product truly is an honour, and a testament to the future we envision for smart households across the world. With the number of smart home devices expected to grow exponentially in the next few years, we are committed to bringing our proven WiFi Motion™ technology to all devices and are working closely with leading WiFi chipset manufacturers to make this a reality and get one step closer to our vision of ‘The Cognitive Home’.”

Once again, thank you to Juniper Research for recognizing us with this award and helping make WiFi Motion™ a household name.