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April 29, 2024

Transforming Healthcare: WiFi Motion for Caregiving Sets New Standards in Health Tech

We’re excited to announce that Wi-Fi Sensing is now available for caregiver licensing opportunities, taking technology for eldercare to new heights and offering companies in the eldercare industry the chance to increase their SaaS revenue by licensing Cognitive’s caregiver solution. 

Cognitive’s WiFi MotionTM technology for caregiving greatly improves accessibility for wellness providers. Our powerful motion sensing capabilities can be deployed on client devices, removing barriers for companies without traditional network systems. Health tech providers can access the WiFi Motion firmware, along with Cognitive’s caregiving app, Caregiver Aware, which can be used as a reference or directly integrated into their products. Additionally, they will have access to our APIs tailored for caregiving applications. WiFi Motion for Caregiving works seamlessly with both Cognitive’s hardware and compatible proprietary hardware, providing flexibility and integration options. 

With telehealth use skyrocketing 38 times post-COVID-19, the need for innovative and simple integration for wellness monitoring is crucial. Enhancing functionality and adapting to shifting customer needs are vital for staying competitive and relevant in this evolving eldercare and healthcare landscapes. 

Our Wi-Fi Sensing solution is ready to revolutionize proactive health monitoring while safeguarding privacy, dignity, and independence. 

What Sets WiFi Motion for Caregiving Apart?  

  • Proactive Health Monitoring: Real-time insights empower caregivers and users alike to stay on top of health trends.  
  • Privacy First: With no cameras or microphones, privacy is never compromised.  
  • Dignity & Independence: Our non-intrusive solution is designed to promote autonomy, allowing individuals to live life on their terms.  
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: From tracking daily activity to monitoring sleep patterns and offering custom alerts, WiFi Motion for Caregiving provides a holistic view of wellness.  
  • Insights That Matter: Dive deep into motion patterns for personalized care strategies.  
  • Seamless Communication: Share information effortlessly with caregivers via their smartphones. 

What’s Next? 

Join us in transforming caregiving. With WiFi Motion’s client device integration, WiFi Motion for Caregiving will help pioneer a proactive and seamless approach to eldercare while empowering individuals’ health and well-being. 

If you want to discover how our solution can seamlessly integrate into your health tech offerings, connect with us at [email protected].

To explore the tangible benefits of WiFi Motion for Caregiving, download our whitepaper below. 

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